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Continuing from my previous post in Tonnerre, the afternoon was spent by taking a detour walk to discover the Church of Saint Peter.  For historical details, please click on this link . It was a great detour, mostly uphill but grateful to be walking in the shade. It would be nicer if there were just a whisper of wind but then, I was just being fussy.

Upon reaching the church, the panoramic view of the town  and the church entrance

The church was slated for renovation and chairs were being stacked up, etc … but there reigned a calm and sereine atmosphere. The statues were beautiful and elegant and not at all gaudy

Did I mentioned about the stained windows? I marveled at the workmanship of the craftsmen /monks/ old masters.  They were magnifique

These ones – each window pane – showed the life of Saint Peter

Having appeased my curiosity, it was time to leave the Church of Saint Peter and head back to town











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