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Summer holidays are just round the corner and l would like to share photos of the Palawan Beach in Singapore.

Pulau Palawan, also known as Palawan Island, is a slipper-shaped islet located just off the southwestern coast of Sentosa, south of Singapore.  Palawan is most likely a variant of the Malay word pahlawan, meaning “hero” or “warrior”.

This islet is linked to Palawan Beach by a simple suspension bridge. It has two lookout towers, and there is a sign on the islet declaring that it is the “southernmost point of Continental Asia”.



Everyone loved to jump on the suspension bridge! For those who suffer motion sickness, it would be quite trying! It was very funny as almost every young girls/ late teens / young adults used this entrance for their selfie photos and it would just go on forever. It took me a while for the crowd to disappear to have the above shot. The tree trunks shaping the entrance are of course man-made.


See the right angled coconut tree? It is another selfie spot and so many people walking that tree trunk for the ultimate selfie! The sea is South China Sea and there were rocks and of course strong currents, too.



The above photo shows where the beach is being separated by concrete “dykes” – I don’t know what they are call –  from the South China Sea.

To conclude, coconut trees, sand, sea, blue sky and fluffy clouds is what makes a good summer getaway … at least for me …


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