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Parkview Square , Singapore. This is a very interesting but complicated building to shoot and believe me, I have tons and tons of photo of this building. I have posted this building on the now defunct Photoblog and also on Facebook. I am never satisfied with my shots and still searching for the ‘PERFECT’ one!. Because of its futuristic-like architect, I thought it would be fun processing in HDR, of which I am still learning and playing around.


“Clandestini”, a bronze installation by Roberto Barni. A large “cage”, an enclosure that delimits an empty space, outside four life-sized figures contemplating that space


The photo below is the odd one out. It was NOT shot in Singapore. I like it as it show the difference in the wealth spectrum but then again, what do I really know ? The house below was definitely left in ruins but at the same time, there were renovations going on  in other houses on the same street. What was that quote, something like ‘All that glitters is not gold’ …

My thoughts: What could be nice and beautiful on the outside but on careful examinations, things are actually falling apart; whileas things that look and or run-down, there could be potential and good vibes!

Edit – There is no political statement or reflection in my post. This is just simply photography 🙂




  • I see what you mean. I could take a lot off photos of that building. And first sight can be misleading, I learned in Thailand.

  • # 1 for sure shines in HDR. Love how the colors/refelctions pop. I also like #3 because of the textures. And by looking at #2 I definitely can see why you would want to shoot the building as many times as you have…so much to show off.

    • Thanks Camellia … Yes, a lot of angles to shoot and the interior was very interesting. Unfortunately I couldn’t enter the building as it was during the COVID-19 and it was off limit to non-working staff.

  • Fantastic set of captures love all of them. the building with the reflections in the glass and the interesting art display I think you were actually centering on the building What exactly does that sculpture represent? I really like the old set of windows broken but still attempting to close Thanks for sharing I really liked all

    • Hmm… I don’t understand why my reply had disappeared! Anyway, thanks for comment, Thomas. I have edited my post with a link re – the sculpture . Basically it stated “Clandestini” was created by Roberto Barni in 2008, before Italy and Europe were called to face immigration from the countries of North Africa; In fact, it does not allude to the phenomenon of the migration of peoples, but rather polemically, as the artist himself refers, to a state of the human condition or rather “man’s ardent aspiration to imprisonment”; to feel clandestine, even if starting from a natural condition of freedom, when one is outside the confines of conventions, of conformity. Hope this is helpful.

  • Tom Snider says:

    That’s quite a building! Like Peter, I could spend a lot of time taking pictures there. The third picture is the one that really caught me, though — the textures and colors, and the contrast of the tiny flowers in the plants around the foundation. Great shots, Nancy!

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