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Sint Maarten Church and the tower in Zaltbommel was built in the 15th century and the design was attributed to Gisbert Schairt


St. Martin’s Church has a basilica structure i.e. the nave is taller than the aisles, resulting in a clerestory




At the back of the church above the western entrance is to the majestic Wolfferts/Heyneman organ. The organ (1783/1796) is in perfect harmony with the architecture and color of the church building and is one of the most important organs from that time



The sun was shining through the window and I just had to take a photo knowing that there would be the star effect and lens flare. On hind sight, it would had been wiser if I had just slowed down a little to frame better the photo 🙂


The church did not have much visitors yet and it was great that I had managed to have shot this gentleman before leaving the premise.



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