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2022-359 December 25, 2022

An antique “spinner” ornament that came from my parents’ home.
A good memory for Christmas.

Christmas just isn’t what it was for me. Many things in life have brought it down a few rungs in importance and happiness. I know all the reasons why it should still be a joyous occasion and I do try – but it’s not there, so I take my joys where I find them – this ornament is a memory from my childhood – so 50+ years old and still works and makes me smile. I hope YOUR Christmas and/or holiday season is bright and joyous.

Quote of the day: “The craft of living. An art form strengthened only by constant giving.” – Nicholas Browne

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Joe Bennett

Just a guy with interests in photography, karate, and (sigh) work. I post one of my photos and a quote every day. I like to make a beautiful dent in the the negativity of social media. The photos are mine, so please don't reuse without permission. I hope you enjoy!

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