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Photo of the Day 230/365

Early Morning Sky over the Tall Grass

We’ve been watching the news lately at breakfast and the weather people always have a “beautiful sky” on their screens, but I haven’t seen one (in the morning).  So on the way to work yesterday, I managed to see the aftermath of a sunset in the morning sky. The sky’s colors, the tall grass aglow with the morning light, the blue hills in the background – all make me remember the mornings earlier when the sunrises were spectacular. I then remember that they’ll be here (along with cooler temperatures) before we know it. Don’t wish your life away – live in the moment.

Quote of the day: “Sometimes the best part of the day is just a someone.” – Unknown

Shaft of Light in the Woods

Images Exposed Daily Photo Challenge

Friday Forms: This photo was taken some years ago but I really like how the shaft of sunlight in the woods lit up just this one grouping of trees and grass.  I remember just seeing the little clearing and then seeing the sun break through and grabbing the shot.

Joe Bennett

Just a guy with interests in photography, karate, and (sigh) work. I post one of my photos and a quote every day. I like to make a beautiful dent in the the negativity of social media. The photos are mine, so please don't reuse without permission. I hope you enjoy!

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