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Photo of the Day 246/365

The Edge of Sunset at the Lake

This photo taken this past weekend was just too good to pass up. There was no “real” sunset but the clouds gathered for little soiree after the sun had set and provided some color to the sky. I loved the calm water that allowed the reflections of the coming evening sky. THIS was the great ending to the day.

Quote of the day: “God grant me to SERENITY to accept what I cannot change the TENACITY to change what I may and the GOOD LUCK not to screw up too often.” – Stephen King

Full Moon through the Clouds

Images Exposed

Daily Photo Challenge

Sunday Nature

This photo was taken a couple of months ago (no, not last week during blue super moon, sorry) but it has hung in my camera roll since I took it, trying to find the right place/time to post it. I thought this day was the right time and place.

Joe Bennett

Just a guy with interests in photography, karate, and (sigh) work. I post one of my photos and a quote every day. I like to make a beautiful dent in the the negativity of social media. The photos are mine, so please don't reuse without permission. I hope you enjoy!

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