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Photo of the Day 359/365

Spiral staircase dressed up for the Holidays

The first photo is from our recent Yuletide Tour of Winterthur. The museum and grounds went all out, as they usually do, to celebrate the Christmas season. There were Christmas trees everywhere and decorations abounded. The grounds, in winter, are mostly devoid of color (with the exception of some purple berries) ut the buildings were warm and welcoming.

Christmas Sunrise

The second photo is from this morning – I looked out from our dining room and saw the sun coming up through the trees and could not pass up the shot.

Merry Christmas and
Happy Holidays to all!


Quote of the Day: “Just remember…if things look hopeless, maybe you’re facing the wrong direction.” – Ziggy

My Most Treasured Christmas Ornament

Images Exposed Daily Photo Challenge

Monday Closeup: I took this photo last evening after trying to capture something meaningful at our Christmas eve get-together and at our church services. I captured many good shots but this one, taken late was the one that meant the most. This ornament is likely over 70 years old and still spinning. I remember having it on the tree as a child with it’s made, a pink one.  My sister has the pink one and I gave this. I remember good times at Christmas, as a child. I wish for peace for all, this Christmas.



Joe Bennett

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