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Late Afternoon Sky over the Grassy Field

Photo of the Day 151/366

I took this photo last weekend while out on a walk trying (as almost always) to catch a view, usually fora sunset. Our neighboring farm house is for rent so no one is living there, so I thought I would use their backyard to get a new view of the area. I walked up beneath a large tree in the yard and found this view. I like the overhanging branches with the grassy field and the orange tinged later afternoon sky. I did get sunset photos on this walk but those would be later.

Quote of the Day: “Man does not live by words alone, despite the fact that he sometimes has to eat them.” – Adlai Stevenson

The Arch from an Arched Window

Images Exposed Daily Photo Challenge

Thursday Architecture: This photo was taken some years ago on a trip to visit my sister and her family in St. Louis, Missouri. This photo was taken from a bridge nearby to the Gateway Arch Park. At the time, I had taken a number of photos of “The Arch” and was exploring beyond that. It happened that one could explore the inner walkways of this bridge, so I did and found this view and I thought it was much worth taking.

Joe Bennett

Just a guy with interests in photography, karate, and (sigh) work. I post one of my photos and a quote every day. I like to make a beautiful dent in the the negativity of social media. The photos are mine, so please don't reuse without permission. I hope you enjoy!

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