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Well we made it to Halloweens eve.Not an evening to scare people, more a night to remember who we have loved and lost. Let the kids have their fun with treats and costumes, For us lets remember.
If  you see a ghost or even a monster, feel for them. Most are not evil , just alone and sad. The evil ones come from the darkness of ones mind and can rip you apart.

The ghost bride a classic for eternall love, she wishes you a lovely night.

EA Poe another great writer who was a romantic in his own way.

Tomorow I, the doctor will go back into the shadows. This years Halloween I would like  to hold a candle to the real heroes in this modern world, my successors the modern doctors and nurses who stand in the frontline, saving lives with risk of their own life. Now that is a scary thought, isn’t it.


Note from me; this year there was not much time to take some new Halloween pictures. Also all around here there is not much of Halloween mood going on. Maybe it has to do with the scare of what is coming, the energycrisis, many are scared that they can not pay their electricity and gass bilss nomore, The war that is going on in Ukraine, that is just next door. Even Corona, waiting for a new srong wave. Hey who needs Halloween, it seems we have made a pretty scarry world ourselves.

Have a scary night



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