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Images from Holden Beach, South Carolina 2000-2008












  • Joseph Zink says:

    I was watching the FB site, and saw you mention a couple external editors (Gutenberg, etc). Did you just install them as a plugin somehow?

    • John Durham says:

      Sorry, Joseph – I’m not getting the notifications and Camilla told me to check in. In any case, there are two editors installed on this site. The default is the Gutenberg or standard editor; that’s what Peter did his tutorial on. There is a tab for “Edit with Elementor” and I was using that for my first post and I liked it because it was more like Blogger – more intuitive and more options. No problem with that first one. Camillia said she and Peter had problems with it and, lo and behold, I had issues when it published (see “A Fine Spring Day”). The post itself is fine, but the announcement header has a bunch of HTML code in it. Been hit and miss that way with Elementor, but Gutenberg has been putting my frame numbers on that header lately. So there. We’ve been discussing it on the Shotsblog FB page, and Camellia and I keep trying to work out kinks on the posts. It’s not like we’re curing cancer, so what the heck. Keep slogging away and sharing success and failure with each other. Let me know how you fare.

  • Now I wanna walk on the beach. Nice set

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