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On we went in our litle boat to the next stop. When we arrived I saw only grass and trees. It was clear we had a walk in front of us. And for sure it was uphill.
A few hunderds of meters quite steep up. And we came to the remains of an overgrown temple.

It was a bit like a mini mini Angkor Wat, nature was taking over. Still it was kept clean and in reasonable shape. Inside a beautifull sight greeted me.

People are still coming here to pray and bring honor to this buddha. Touching the doorpost is for good luck and for some hoping for a child.

Coming out of the temple I almost made a mistake.
Girls to the left and boys to the right. Guess who almost went left.

By the time we went back to the boats, the clouds were rolling in and rain was coming. So time to see one more thing and head back to land.


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