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We arrived in Sangkhlaburi near the border of Myammar ( Burma ). Now this small city is famous for its wooden bridge, the longest in Thailand,it connects the Thai side with the Mon side of the city.
The Mon are a minor ethnic group in Thailand, but a major one in Myammar. The bridge is called the Mon bridge or friendshipbridge, but that I will show you in another post.

In the early morning there was a lot of movement in the city, I asked what was going on. The monks were going to collect their food on their morning walk. Never I had seen so many people on the streets for this. The bridge was flooded with people and for safety the monks did not walk the bridge.
Camera  in hand I went to explore, first to the bridge.

On the bridge I saw many childern , all dressed up and wearing pots and flowers on their heads. I had heard of this before, the childern try to make a litle money posing for photos.Some sell flowers and  small things. I must say these childern were very polite and not pushy at all.

The headgear is standing loose on their heads and the childern are very skilled walking around with it.

A well deserved break


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