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I thought I would try, again, and upload a photo, update the exif and then write a post. Photo uploaded fine, but once again it did not show up on the exif caption page, hence I was not able to play with the “exif” layout and information.

To write this post, it took me 6 steps.

Step 1= upload photo

Step 2= update the exif info ( which did not work)

Step 3= Create a new post and write the info

Step 4= Add the photo (also resize)

Step 5= Add the featured image ( which once again takes me to the entire uploaded photos library and forced me to choose a photo)

Step 6= Preview/ Publish.

For someone like me who occasionally likes to add several photos on a post….there seems to be too many steps just to write/post a blog.


  • Step 2 works for me, no problem there
    Step 4 I actually like you can choose between different sizes or adjust to your own liking
    Step 5 we also had to do that in pb, not in the library but in the postdraft itself. else the first photo in your post was the featured one. Here it stays empty if you not make a selection.

    I can see ,if you do 20 photos or more its is more work. Uploading you can selecct more than 1 at a time. Same puttingthem in your post.
    I think that is the cost of flexibility.

    • The enlargement of the photos is really not a big issue because the way I am doing it is just holding on to a corner and stretching.
      But on Pb we did not have to go to the library to pick a photo, we had a little “comment box” where we could say which photo we wanted to be the main photo of the blog. I believe that is an easier way than having to go to the library to choose. Btw if one has not saved the “draft” one can loose everything if moving back and forth between library/exif/ media…
      Uploading more than 1 is there I agree but …maybe I got spoiled with PB…..I did not have to upload first, update exif, before starting a blog….I would start a blog and then do the uploading. I know its a matter of re training 🙂
      Also, I did check the media library….I don’t see any where, to lock it to mine. Everytime I open the library it drops back to the entire library and then I have to change it to mine. As long as there is a way for Kevin to lock the media library so no one else can see everyone elses photo, no problem there.

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