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I am somewhat at the bored stage of photography. What that means is that I pick up the camera because I pick up the camera, but it’s is just a motion I go through.

Not seeing a lot of “Oh WOW! What a great photo to capture.

But none the less, I click.

I also have the 52 frame weekly challenge which makes me think and come up with something new and novel….but the novelty has somewhat ran out.

Hence, for now, I click (mundane stuff) and then try to play with them in Photoshop.

I played with this still life I created and captured .

Then, I turned it into a composite in Photoshop.

I know for a fact that one or two (or more) of theΒ  composite pieces will jump out and say: “I was added”.

My goal here is to learn and so if it “pops up” and “stands out” for you then it is an area that I need to work onΒ  …. as long as it was an “add on”.

But can you tell me which were the add ons?

To make it slightly easier for you….this composite was made up of 4 different “add ons”.



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