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Jovi and Myself Decided,  We Wanted to go for a Walk Today,  But it Was Raining Where We Were at.  So We Jumped in the Transport and Drove till it Stopped Raining.  We Arrived at Perkins Peninsula Park  of Fern Ridge Reservoir.   Normally there is a Lake there,  But Not Today!!  It Was a Lake but it Had No Lake,   Well Not Enough Water to be Called a Lake 🙂  



However We Still Had Fun Exploring.    Jovi had Fun Going Down into the Mud,   He Really Tried to Drag me Down Into it hahaha


We Had a Windstorm the Other Night,   The Whole Park had Limbs and Branches Down,   Possibly Thats the Reason it Was Closed 



All in All it Was a Fun Day.   We Avoided the Rain,  So We Were Able to Get Out Walk and Explore and Capture a few Shots 

Thomas Thompson

We Live in the Pacific Northwest in Oregon. Its just me and my Dog Jovi, We Love to Travel and Explore, A lot of my Photos are the Adventures me and my Dog Jovi go out on or they are Simple Walks in Nature, I enjoy History and Family when I can see them, they live elsewhere. I started to blog on site called Photoblog (Last Year it Poofed was sad lots of Memories) I really Enjoy this New Site (ShotsBlog) I Enjoy Photography, Very Relaxing, and Fun. The photos are mine, so please don't reuse without permission. I hope you enjoy!

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