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75 years of Belgian Navy, in that name we had fleetdays here in Antwerp. A few navyships came to the centre of the city and people could visit them, always an attraction. Our navy is not big, or even the most modern in the world. But it has a very good name for minesweeping, many from much bigger navies are coming to learn that here.

We work together a lot with the Dutch navy who has got a great naval tradition, and they have send a few ships to, join us in Antwerp.

Our forces are looking for new soldiers, sailors, airmen all the time. seems it is not that popular no more these days.I asked if I could join, but had the retire already next year than, bit of a short career. When I was young I was drafted for our military service for a year. Still have my rank, at the time considered it to stay in the army.

The weather was good, the beer cold and everybody was friendly and proud to show their workspace. A fun day out.


So this was just a small impression of the day, hope you enjoy the photos.


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