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Sometimes I can not resist to buy a fun lens, most of the time I find them secondhand.

Searching the web I found this secondhand fisheye lens for my Fuji. I would never consider buying a lens like this new. Because be honest how many times you gonna use it. The person I bought it from had it new and used it one time for a project.

What lens is it? Well the Meike 6.5mm f 2.0. It is one of those Chinese lenses in an affordable pricerange.


I was surprised what I got. Packaging was very good and it came with a pooch. the build is all metal and feels like you are handling quaity . Everything works smooth with just enough resistence

The focallenght of this litle fellow is 6.5mm and should give a photo in a full circle on my Fuji. Aperture goes from 2.0 to 22 and is declicked. Good for filmers but some like the click. Shortest focus distance is 0.2m or 0.7f. And everything beyond a meter is sharp.

One thing I find a shame is, that you can not attache a lenshood or a filter. The glass is coming out in front of the lens. What makes it a bit easy to damage it.

So lets see what this litle fellow can do. All photos are taken in B&W, the color is quite neutral.

Would I recommend it, yes, if you want a cheap fisheye lens. It is pretty sharp, compact and it feels like quality. Are there better lenses on the market, for sure. But you have to dig more deep in your pockets. For a fun lens this Meike will do for me. Even my daughter already used it for a photoproject at school. She showed me a complete different way of using a fisheye.


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