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George, you got a lot of ‘slpain to do!


  • Excuse me sire…as I recall it was “if I had a penny” and for the longest time in my life ( way long) I always had a penny in my loafers ( I have been a loafers gal for centuries). So pray tell when did it become a quarter? I bet when the price of gas went up. Mind you, my penny loafers can’t handle quarters…..just saying 🙄

  • Well if you base that theory, It Should be a Dolla haha I like the capture crisp and clear

    • John Durham says:

      Thank you, sir – we used to say, “Betchchu solid dolla’, sucka”. Wanted green, folding, so you could hide it better and it made no noise. Then again, there was no one who would even think of taking my money, so that was a moot point.🤣

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