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Found a Surfer at Heceta Head,  A Little Strange,  because  I have never Seen Surfers here,  They are Usually Further North,  Otter Rock, Pacific City,  however he was here Trying his Luck 



There he is out there Watching and Waiting for a Small Wave to Catch



Thomas Thompson

We Live in the Pacific Northwest in Oregon. Its just me and my Dog Jovi, We Love to Travel and Explore, A lot of my Photos are the Adventures me and my Dog Jovi go out on or they are Simple Walks in Nature, I enjoy History and Family when I can see them, they live elsewhere. I started to blog on site called Photoblog (Last Year it Poofed was sad lots of Memories) I really Enjoy this New Site (ShotsBlog) I Enjoy Photography, Very Relaxing, and Fun. The photos are mine, so please don't reuse without permission. I hope you enjoy!


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