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“Each leaf tells us a story. The story of its struggle. The story of the storms that it faces in life.”  ― Avijeet Das



“In every change, in every falling leaf there is some pain, some beauty. And that’s the way new leaves grow.”      ― Amit Ray



Thomas Thompson

We Live in the Pacific Northwest in Oregon. Its just me and my Dog Jovi, We Love to Travel and Explore, A lot of my Photos are the Adventures me and my Dog Jovi go out on or they are Simple Walks in Nature, I enjoy History and Family when I can see them, they live elsewhere. I started to blog on site called Photoblog (Last Year it Poofed was sad lots of Memories) I really Enjoy this New Site (ShotsBlog) I Enjoy Photography, Very Relaxing, and Fun. The photos are mine, so please don't reuse without permission. I hope you enjoy!


  • While they are all beautiful, #1 makes it for me Tom. Firstly because of the composition and secondly because yesterday I stood at the window with my big lens trying to capture the falling leaves ( I ‘ve seen people do that and I was trying my hand) Wind would blow and several leaves would fall, but fall too fast for me to capture them “sharply”. I clicked and clicked but never caught one that would be worthy. And then now I see your post…… I understand that it’s being held by a “thread” but the fact that it was “falling” and then “held” combined with your quote all comes together for me. Very beautiful set of photos 😉

    • Camellia Thanks for visiting and for the wonderful comment and telling me about your frustrations about capturing falling leaves. I however was not trying to do the same thing. Walking in the park with Jovi and saw this lone leaf in the tree hanging, captured a few angles, was not sure how it was going to turn out and went on my way. Out of all of them this was the best. Again Thank you Very Much

  • Tom Snider says:

    Tom, these are all very good. I enjoyed looking at them a lot. One of my favorite series you’ve done.

  • Very nice set Tom. You just have to love nature.

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