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My fascination with creatures big and small causes me to take tons of photos.

Ok that’s just an excuse!

To be precise, I like to hear the click of the shutter button. 😉

But really, I do like bugs of all sorts as well as lizards. Don’t particular like to touch them, but definitely do like to study them.

If you have ever traveled around Florida, you will notice that as you travel from the Gulf side of the state to the Atlantic side, the lizards take on a different shape and look.

The following photos will give you a clue.

Captured in Crystal River, Florida

Captured in Tampa, Florida

Captured in Stuart, Florida

Captured in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

You are probably going to say: “Camellia, those two last ones are not lizards, but green iguanas.”

And I would respond that you are totally correct but, they still belong to the Lacertidae family and they are beneficial to the ecosystem. Albeit the green iguanas are rather invasive fellows.





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