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I have always had a fascination with church steeples. Maybe it’s because there are so many of them or they are so prominent.


I’ve always wondered what they mean to the congregants who erected them. Is it a demonstration of the wealth and power of that church, or a mark of the piety and fealty of the congregation to their denomination?


Or is it, simply, a desire to bring a bit of heaven closer to earth? I’m not sure anyone can really say, for sure, but it does seem to be a defining mark of many Protestant churches in the South.


In any case, here is my first installment of church steeples from Shelby County, TN. Many more could have been included, but it seems that quite a few seem to have come from “Steeples-Are-Us”, so I have passed them by.


My home of Fayette County will be next on the list of captures. Probably, as befits the more rural area, a little more modest, but nonetheless, still…


Reaching to Heaven


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