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Pretty, accessible and always there – so wonderful to have when the seasons are not favorable
So familiar, yet so different when captured in a little different angle or light
And always ready for their close up.


  • I love this post! So refreshing and so Springy!! I want #1, #3 and #6. Btw are supermarket flowers expensive on your side of the country?

  • The colors are so beautiful. Made me feel better in an instant this post.

    • John Durham says:

      Thanks! If you like, I can post them in a Google album for you. These were in a “mini” bouquet at Whole Foods for $9.95. I have another, larger one from there for $12.95. I rarely spend more than that at Kroger, Fresh Market or Sprouts. I have to sort of re-arrange the arrangement and discard any that are damaged, but, in general, they are nicer than the ones my sister-in-law gets from a florist each month. Her kids send them to her in a small arrangement and they often don’t look as good or fresh.

  • John Durham says:

    I’m so glad they have that effect – they certainly do for me, as well. It is such a soothing exercise early in the morning. Often, very early, as I don’t sleep too well because of my back. Being able to set up the camera and focus on the flowers, rather than myself, is good therapy.

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