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I’ve posted a number of my pictures from the House on the Rock on Photoblog and Facebook.  It’s a photographer’s dream, and a strange and wonderful place (OK, some people might argue with the “wonderful” part).  It is so strange and wonderful that Neil Gaiman made the Carousel Room a meeting place for the gods in his novel American Gods. The House sits on a hill near Frank Lloyd Wright’s beautiful home Taliesen in Spring Green, WI.

There are a ton of articles and pictures of the House on the Rock on the Web, but here are a few I’ve taken over the years.  These were shots of things that I found interesting, and I tend to like weird things.  There is lots more good stuff at the House that is not so weird.

The photographic quality is not great – these were taken with snapshot cameras, often in difficult light.





The Infinity Room


One entire 4-story space is dedicated to a battle between a whale and a giant squid:





Then there is the big ol’ carousel.  They claim it’s the largest carousel anywhere, with 20,000 lights and 269 animals.




The carousel has no horses, but it does have a large number of less-than-fully-clothed female mannequins. (Actually, I suppose even one nude mannequin is a lot for a carousel.)  I felt it was important to take pictures of several of these mannequins to provide an accurate sense of the place.  🙂  Here is a small sample.





And if you look up, there are even more female mannequins!




Oddly, there were no nude male mannequins.  Go figure.


Tomorrow I’ll post Part 2, featuring the creepy doll carousel and other wonders.



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