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The Pengra Bridge contains two of the longest timbers ever cut for a bridge in Oregon. The lower chords measuring 16` x 18` x 126 feet were too large to be ran through a mill and were therefore rough hewn in the woods. Booth-Kelley Lumber Company cut and transported the timbers to the bridge site by truck where they were resurfaced before being set into place


The bridge was named for B.J. Pengra, a pioneer who eventually became general Surveyor of Oregon in 1862. Pengra surveyed the Oregon Central Military Road which linked the Willamette Valley with the Owyhee mining country of Eastern Oregon Cross Dexter Reservoir and drive north


Turn left on Place Road and head west for about three miles. The bridge is off a short lane to the right. Stream: Fall Creek Length: 120 feet (37 m) Year Constructed: 1938 Nearest Town: Jasper Located on Place Road just off Jasper-Lowell Road.

“Sometimes, people who pass a beautiful bridge add an extra beauty to it, but neither the bridge nor the people who pass over it know about it, only the photographer who captured this!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

Thomas Thompson

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