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Out of the shadows, I come

I am the plague doctor

Let me help you, to be your guide to Haloween.

For that I have come again.

In fact the plague doctor has never left. In the dark ages they were the frontline doctors of the time. Getting hired by cities and villages where the black death had arrived. Knowing nothing about virusses, bacteria and how it got spread. They tried to learn on the spot. The doctors were in high regards. The typical mask is functional. The nose was filled with herbs and good smelling things,trying not to get infected. So the clothes of the doctor were, a leather capucion that went over the head and shoulders, the mask fitted nicely over it. Than a big robe for protection and a hat. Always carrying a light and a staff. The staff was so he could examine patient without touching them or to keep them on a distance.

Some of these measures seem very familiar. Our modern frontline doctors, keep distance and wear a mask and protecting chloting.

The doctors old and new were and are heroes.

Strange that the plague doctor has turned into a scary figure. Maybe it has to do that at one time the mask got a Gothic makeover and looks like a raven.



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