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Let’s stay in Toronto for my second post. If you have the time, of COURSE you go to see the CN Tower, the tallest freestanding structure in the western hemisphere. 1,815 feet. Just 20 feet taller than One World Trade Center. I had the time, so I went.

CN Tower

That’s a long way up.

This was my goal. (My goal was NOT to be where those people are on the edge of the building):

CN Tower

Looking up at the main level of Toronto’s CN Tower

The elevator is pretty fast. I don’t remember the exact amount of time it took, but you at least get a view.

CN Tower

Heading up on the CN Tower Elevator

Once at the top, the views are… stunning is such an understatement.


Looking out from the “lower” level of the CN Tower

You could spend all day just walking around for all the view.


Sunset from the CN Tower

Obviously, people do.

CN Tower

A couple enjoying the view.

But wait… the main level isn’t the end. You can pay a little bit more and go to the upper level and look down at the main level.

CN Tower

Don’t look down!

Yeah… that view through a window is not for the height-sensitive. Pay a little more and you can do the daredevil thing.  Nope… I did NOT do that.  That’s a bit too far for me.  Well.. and a bit too expensive.

CN Tower

Daredevils on the CN Tower

This is probably more comfortable for those not too sure of heights:

CN Tower

Looking out from the upper level of the CN Tower

Another view… from the upper level:


Just after sunset from the CN Tower

Coming back down from the top, I had to get a shot just after sunset:

CN Tower

The CN Tower all lit up.


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