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ICM or intentional camera movement,

 a technique where you have to move the camera while taking your photo. This feels unnatural for a photographer and goes against what we have learned all these years. But it get your creativity going.

And if you are like me, you want to create the photos in camera, so leaving edit in a program to an absolute minimum. The first photo is a double exposure, firs photo has got the movement in it and is lighter than the second photo. Exposure for the first photo is 1/15s with a aperture of f16. The second exposure is like a normal photo, sharp and make sure it is darker than the fist one. This was my first reasonable result of the day.


A litle landscape, this is just a single exposure, trying to get the speed of the movement right. This is harder than you  think. It took several tries to get a result I am pleased with.

Just a bit overexposed by accident, but The paintinglike result was welcome.

Without a doubt ,this was the best of the day. Double exposure toget more detail in it. This style gonna take a lot of praktice. In this case oud digital cameras are a blessing, it would cost a fortune with film.

For sure this is something I gonna do more. Next I would like to try it in the city, could be interesting.


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